Send coins to a wallet that doesn't support them

Hi !

I send 22,652,185.50148 ufo from my Metamask wallet 0xe8ba4ce498cc3313ac49bcc03cad21423bbff5c5

to my binance wallet

you can see them on ethereumscan that i have them.

But the problem is that Binance doens’t trade ufo… So i can’t find them anymore. eventhough the are somewere. Cause the transaction was succesful. So maybe when binance will support ufo in 2022 i can see them in my wallet. But that’s a looong time… Do you know what i need to do to retrieve them?

Kinda regards


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Hi @Frost try to contact binance support :point_down:

For 50$ in BTC maybe returned your UFO token :alien: :flying_saucer:

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