Send FMT to Metamask Swap Router

Hi everyone. Well, this is my first experience with Metamask and the blockchain, and its not going well… By mistake (it appeared auto populated as a recent address), I sent some FMT of Ethereum Net to Metamask Swap Router contract. Is there any way to retrieve the tokens back?

Thanks for your help, Tony

Hi Superlep,

Would you share the transaction hash that would be associated with this? Here is info on finding it if it helps -


for me Fantom is Metamask Swap Router

Transaction ID


Hi Superlep,

Thanks for sending. Your FTM is still sitting under the FTM contract. There is a chance you could contact FTM team and they’d be able to send the tokens back; you’d want to send them the transaction ID (screenshots not necessary) when asking.

Please remember though, fake support/scammers acting as support is how tons of people get scammed. When I got to the FTM website it looks like their main communities are in discord and maybe reddit. If you go through discord, I’d personally make sure nobody would DM me for info and handle everything in a support channel publicly as well as verify who you’re chatting with is legit support. I cannot think of a situation where they would need anything more than your transaction ID (same you provided here) to send the funds back, so be on alert if anyone were to ask for more. A request for screen share, connecting to websites, asking for secret recovery phrase, sending a file or link to you in chat (don’t click these) - those are very typical requests from scammers.

I’m so sorry you sent these funds to the wrong place. Remember to move slow in the space (I know this can be hard). I generally try and type out the address or copy in but triple check every screen that pops up because clipboard phishing is also a thing to watch for; always checking the address on every step/page it pops up on (3 times) is my method.


Thanks!! For all. I ope recruive my funds

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