Send USDT from Meta Mask via Binance Smart Chain to Bittrex

Hi guys,

I did send USDT from meta mask wallet via binance smart chain to my bittrex account(3 days ago). The coins didnt arrive yet so I contacted the bittrex support and gave them the transaction ID.

They replied that:

"All deposits must be confirmed on the block chain before we can credit your coins. We cannot credit coins unless they are confirmed on the block chain.

I searched for your transaction in the block explorer and it is unable to be found , this means the coins have not been sent or confirmed on the network.

Bittrex Global supports the USDT coin on the ERC20 network

Please make sure your wallet is on the latest version and in sync with the proper blockchain. If these coins were sent from another exchange you will need to contact that exchange for support with this issue.

Best Regards"

When I click “details” on meta mask it shows me the transaction was successful.

Any thoughts what happened?

Noon hs an idea what I can do?