Transfer funds from Binance Wallet to Mask sucessful, funds missing!

Hello to all
I´m using the Binance wallet for years but for the first time, I´ve transferred USDT funds to the Mask wallet over BNB smart chain network to the Mask wallet on ETH Mainnet. The transaction was successful, with the following Hash ID: 0x6d08fa68c100d61d3b7966848d590f6a89427de0f466b392b26ddbc024581cdf.
Everything went smoothly but in the Mask, the USDT amount is still 0. No funds!

My question is: what the hell went wrong on my site or procedure ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Hi @Jacqu ,

You sent Binance-Pegged BSC-USD, contract address is here: .

Switch your network to BNB Smart Chain. You can do this by clicking “Ethereum Mainnet” (identified below) and choose “Add network.”

Screenshot Network

You will see BNB Smart Chain as an option. Once you add it back in, try to refresh and see if the token appears. If it does not, you’ll just need to add the token. This article explains further on this:


Also, for your safety, you may want to edit out your transaction hash ID. See more here: Sharing Personal Identifying Information on the MetaMask Community - #2

While the information is public, it can help protect you against social engineering attacks.

I was adding the wrong USDT network. I´m sorry. Get lost. I got the funds.


No need to apologize! Glad you figured it out :fox_face: .


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