Sending and transaction issue

hi guys
my metamask wallet has trouble with sending and transactios !
i have some ethereum in my wallet and i wanna send it to coinex.
sendig is failed

i had some pending transactions becouse of fee limit and i reseted my metamask.
after that i cant send and it fail

Hello, welcome to metamask community. Do you have any tips when sending? Is it always in the sending state and cannot be completed?

many mounth ago,i had some pending transaction on my

metamask and i didnt have any ethereum…

yesterday i deposited some ethereum in my wallet.(64$)

i reseted my wallet and coz of this,pending transaction in

activity section compeletly disappeared.

now i want to send my ethereum to coinex but it falis !!!

i cant do any transaction with my wallet

i have some tokens in immutable and want to withdraw them

to my metamask wallet and it fails again again and again …

all fails

i dont know what should i do

i search many forums of you but couldnt find any awnser

plz give me any solution

always say : Failed !!!

error “replacement transaction underpriced”

Hello, can you provide your wallet address? Let me check it for you.


Your address seems to have no problem. The link below is a similar solution. You can try it first. If it still doesn’t work, you can import the address into other wallets with your private key and then transfer.


Try increasing your gas fees.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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