Sending ETH from KASH to MM, no assets in the wallet

Hi community, hi support,
I sent some eth from Kash to the ETH mainnaet. It is shown in my activities but not in my assets. I would like to continue with my strategy. :slight_smile:
Here is the hash from the transaction.
What do I have to do to make other transactions?
Thank you for your help!

Dear Noelle,
Thank you for your answers.
I’ve got Version 10.8.1 from 20th December and I couldn’t find a way to update it in Chrome.
What would you suggest?
Thank you!

I removed MM from Chrome and reinstalled it with seed phrase. But no I don’t find my separate wallets anymore. Sorry for the mess! I’m lost…
Thank you

Ok, I just clicked on “create a new account” and there it was! I found my ETH again!
Thank you