Sending NFT error code

I am trying to send an NFT token from my meta mask wallet to another address.

The NFT does not show in my collectibles section on the app, as when I put in contract address it shows my balance is 0.

When I added it as a custom token in the token section it does show as I have 1 of them.

Now when I try and press send on the collectibles side; the app just stops working and I’m sent to my phone’s Home Screen.

When I send from the tokens section I get as far as entering address then amount but when I press send I get the error code, ‘JSON-RPC’

What can I do to get the NFT to show on the collectibles side? And how do I send it to another address without the error message?

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Hazenfelts!! :fox_face: :rocket:

I suggest removing your NFT from the tokens page and adding it to the collectibles page as instructed in this Knowledge Base support article.

Once there, you should be able to send it via the collectibles page.