NFT Bought on Open Sea Displays Zero Balance

MetaMask Ticket #99090
I do not want Rooshee (MetaMask) to deal with this ticket anymore. I’ve asked politely for him/her to transfer this case to a senior support assistant. He/she has been very unhelpful, and the questions and suggestions they make are frankly, ridiculous. So far, they’ve asked me to 1.delete, re-add token. 2. They’ve asked if my MM address is really my address. 3. They’ve noticed I have no balance in my MM wallet, and 4. asked if I have the latest MM version ( I do, 9.2.0). Then they say they don’t see any rari in my account!

This is what I have done so far: I have deleted and re-added the token many times as a custom token. I have closed the wallet and re-created it with my private keys. I’ve also reset the account in order to see if the balances appear, to no avail. Therefore I no longer have any transactions in the Activity section. The rarible token icon is visible, but with a zero balance. This is an error of the MM wallet. The contract address of the token I bought is: 0xd07dc4262BCDbf85190C01c996b4C06a461d2430. The address of my MM wallet that it was sent to is: 0xd60192E000ccB592c1FBb5C8F75788a95B7aD210. The link to the transaction on Ethplorer provided by MM in the screenshot is: 0xd60192E000ccB592c1FBb5C8F75788a95B7aD210 - ethereum address history, charts and balances explorer - Ethplorer. The transaction address is: 0xedf9fbcf691727068c9fd67f018bc7db73eacdbc198ad48f11cc75fe8baaa1d3 .

I have also installed the app on my mobile phone and added the token as a collectible. The NFT appears, but the token is listed with no balance. With no balance, you cannot do anything with the token.

@Londoner_BL_L1_LL_PL welcome to the MetaMask Community!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Per the screenshot you provided, your NFT is correctly displaying on your mobile app. No fiat balance is displayed, because NFT’s do not inherently posses them.

The MetaMask web browser extension does not currently allow NFTs to be properly displayed, but we plan to add this feature in soon!

Many thanks, @bharmon. You’re a star! Proper support advice. Since NFTs don’t have balances, that means it’s impossible to send them to somewhere else, as a balance is needed to pay network fees?

Happy to help!

You need ether (ETH) to pay the gas fees to send NFTs.

Well, I tried that multiple times on the app. It said I needed funds to pay the fees. I added ETH and the error message appeared: “The intrinsic gas fee is low.” This message kept occurring even though I adjusted the advanced settings to pay the highest fees (fast).

Try enabling advanced gas controls & set a custom nonce. You can find steps to do so here.

The gas controls are already set to Advanced Gas Controls. This occurred when I adjusted the advance settings to the highest fees (fast) when trying to send the collectible to my ledger wallet. I saved the settings at the time. I’ve checked on the app too, but this advanced gas control is not available there.

Please close this ticket. It’s obvious that until developers find a way to add the balance to an NFT token/collectible, then you cannot do anything with it. I paid 0.003 ETH for the art. That price should be attached to the token.

Many thanks bharmon for all your help.