Sending usdt from MetaMask to payeer usdt erc20

I sent pep20 usdt from MetaMask to payeer usdt erc20 and I didn’t receive it…… is it any solution for it


Hello and Welcome to the MetaMask community,
Using your MetaMask wallet, you can send tokens on “the same” network. For example, if you send BEP20 USDT from your MetaMask, you can receive it on the BEP20 address in your PAYEER wallet. I have not worked with PAYEER wallet. If the ETH address on PAYEER is the same as the BNB address, then you must have received your USDT tokens on BNB network.


No on payeeru can’t add pep20 ustd there is only usdt erc20

In the transaction details say Token transferred 15$ Binance-peg Bsc-USD


Do you mean that it currently does not support depositing USDT on BNB chain? I searched and seems like PAYEER only supports USDT, ERC20 and TRC20 tokens. Always, before depositing a token to an address make sure the address supports the token on that network.

You may want to contact the PAYEER support.
Make sure that the support is legit. NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private key with anyone under any conditions and NEVER click on unknown links.


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