Sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin wallet

Hi it still not working. What do i need to do! Thnks


Same problem with me.

When I submitted my transaction the gas raised a lot, so my transaction was processing for 10 hours once it finally was automatically “dropped and replaced”.
When replaced automatically, it changed the destiny address, so instead of going to my Ronin wallet it went to a Ronin bridge contract address!!!

Everything was correct, metamask to ronin using the bridge portal. I tried the seed phrase solution but nothing. I am desperate to receive my ether but it is hard to find help.

Transaction ID: 0x743ccef1744d5f5a07ece738217e154abb2530113e17e93a016c727db0fb583f


CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME THERE’S NOTHING ON MY RONIN ACCOUNT PLEASE HELP?[quote=“cbayschm, post:10, topic:5242, full:true”]
no problem, glad I could help. :wink:

Hi guys goodevening! i hope you can help me my metamask and ronin wallet is same address from metamas > ronin bridge deposit > ronin wallet. it seems on etherscan it is successfull but when i check my ronin wallet still 0 weth i almost waited 2 hours now. then i try to search and ended up here. hope you guys can help me its $1000 :((( just want to play axie infinity.

Hi guys! I have the same problem! been waiting for an hour and a half now. My metamask is the same as my ronin wallet. imported it beforehand so my ronin address is basically just ronin:[metamask_addresss] and still when I transferred my ETH, it didn’t appear to my ronin wallet. GG. can someone help pls

metamask address:


please i need help same problem but when i did you instruction it said that my “The account you’re are trying to import is a duplicate”

please help bro i put my life on that money i dont know how to live without that

GUYS!!! My ETH just came in, I waited for almost 4 hours.

I think it just takes some time so don’t worry too much. I hope this helps!

I did try to transfer from my metamask wallet to ronin using bridge but I never actually click submit or anything due . And then after a min it’s gone what happened?I tried the solution above and still nothing. I don’t have my eth worth 950$

i tried this and i recovered my eth…thanks to this solution…

Awesome, thanks man!

hola yo tengo problema similar , retire de ronin a metamask pero no tenia saldo en metamask para la cuota de gas y no llego la transaccion , ya acredite en metamask para pagar esa cuota y no llego tampoco ayuda please , en ronin me figura q se envio correctamente dese el inicio

did you fix it? have the same problem

Tried importing my ronin private key to metamaks but still my eth is not there. Help :disappointed:

it worked for me !! .

Hi’ were you able to fix it? I’m having the same issue

Did you fix it? I’m having the same “duplicate” issue 🥲

So, my Ronin Bridge always says loading. Nothing loads up.

Then I copied the ETH address on my Ronin Wallet over to my Metamask Wallet to transfer ETH. Shows it has been transferred but I do not see any ETH in my Ronin wallet.

I have the same problem too. But I also have hardware wallet. I can’t see my private key because of it. anyone know how?

Hi @PGNM you have hardware wallet Trezor or Ledger? Try this guide :point_down: