Sent HYPE token (AVAX) from MetaMask to my Ledger and it's missing

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Guys, I have a problem. I’ve sent from my MetaMask HYPE token that was in AVAX network to my Ledger, but in the ledger everything that I found with “AVAX” name was BSC app, so I’ve sent HYPE token to BSC address and now I see that I was wrong - I didn’t receive anything. Snowtrace showing status - Success. Is it possible to fix my problem somehow and get HYPE token back to MetaMask or proceed with this transaction and get token on Ledger wallet ?
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Hello and welcome to MetaMask community. You may need to install the Avalanche app on your Ledger hardware wallet to manage your funds on that network.


There is a problem that Ledger-Live dont have any “Avalanche app” only BSC app
screenshots attached…


How to Connect MetaMask to a Ledger Hardware Wallet:

How to Add Avalanche to MetaMask: 

and finally add a HYPE token :disguised_face:
How to add a custom token:


You are right. “Avalanche accounts cannot be added to Ledger Live.”
I have not done it before, but trying to help. I have found the following link which may help you.
https: // support.ledger. com/hc/en-us/articles/360020765779-Avalanche-AVAX-?docs=true
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Yes, this is helpful article. I just did everything that they said, so long story short: I was need to install Avalanche app to my Ledger using “manager” in Ledger-live, then connect my ledger device to avax wallet and just added HYPE token and my HYPE tokens appeared.
Thank you everyone for help.


Thank you for letting us know. I am happy to see the issue got resolved.

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