SFI not showing up in MetaMask wallet on Android mobile phone

I swapped ETH for SFI via SushiSwap and the transaction was successful per Etherscan with ETH properly withdrawn from my MetaMask wallet on my Android mobile phone. However, I don’t see any SFI listed in my MetaMask wallet on my Android mobile phone afterward. I was able to add SFI as a custom token in my MetaMask wallet, but I now got a message stating “Unable To Load Balance.” Please help and thank you.

Hi @lefutures Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you able to remove the token from the token list and re-add it?
Do you use Metamask extension as well? Are you able to see it there?

Hi @Isq,
I have removed SFI from the token list in my MetaMask wallet on my Android mobile phone and have re-added it to the list several times, but no success. I have also tried checking my MetaMask extension on my laptop, but no success either unfortunately. Does MetaMask not support SFI token (ERC-20)? If not, how do I transfer SFI to another Ether wallet (MyEtherWallet) where SFI is supported?

Hi. Metamask does support ERC-20 tokens. May I know which token contract address did you use to add the token? I do there are a few SFI on etherscan. Let me see if I can reproduce the same behavior on my end.