Should Have Enough ETH

Hi. I have a little gas fee problem and I’m not sure if it is because I have insufficient ETH or whether there’s some other issue.

Following the recent PUNDIX token redenomination, I was left with some PUNDIX in an f(x) wallet (which is a pretty useless wallet).

So, I installed Metamask and my seend phrase to “import” those tokens (as well as the ETH) that was in that wallet.

I have 0.02755 ETH in my Metamask wallet.

Everywhere I have read, it says you need between 0.01 and 0.02 ETH to transfer tokens.

I want to transfer my PUNDIX tokens to an exchange, but I get a red error message which says “insufficient funds”.

Is this because GAS fees have increased so much that 0.02755 is not enough ETH to transfer some tokens? Or is there some other problem which I need to address?

Really? No-one? Bump.