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Hello everyone, I logged in to my wallet using my second phone and I typed the 12 word password, then it tells me that congratulations you have logged in and gives me the option Done, I click on it, but nothing happens. It does not enter the wallet. It stays at the words congratulations. I hope you will help me. Thank you

hi @OMAR.96 , welcome to MetaMask community.

End the process and restart the APP, can it be used normally?


Is your second phone running a really old version of Android? Sometimes MM has trouble running on old Android versions in my experience.


hi yours, Yes I did that and tried a lot but it didn’t work, the wallet still doesn’t work :cry:

Yes, it is true, but the wallet works on my old phone with Android 10, I think, and my new phone does not work on it, and it is with Android 14.
What should I do my friend ?

You need to check the network again whether the transfer is correct or not. If the network matches then it can be transferred.

ในวันที่ ส. 10 มิ.ย. 2023 06:53 น. tuya via MetaMask <> เขียนว่า:


Please reach out to MetaMask Support.
visit: > choose the Start a *Conversation* button > answer a few chatbot questions, you will get connected to live support.


Thank you very much my friend, Do you know how I can withdraw the cryptocurrencies inside which I have coins worth about $200 and I want to withdraw them, but the process is very complicated

I’ve tried all ways 4G internet and wifi didn’t work

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