Signing on to 1 MeetaMask account with 2 different passwords!

Hi, Having a challenge with MetaMask & HEX, 2 issues. Hex now seems to have erased my account that was accessed through MetaMask.
Second issue- Tried 2 PC’s, restored Metamask on both. Now they EACH require a different Password! Is this normal?

Hello, kindly provide your wallet public address

Hi, Thanks for offering to assist. I seem to be over my head here. Things I looked up and wrote down a month ago when I dug into this do not seem to make sense.

Here is what I have found. 0x60A96a35e28d8EE2b68f74c9631971C8d41EDe6F

This address shows 3087112.11705396 HEX

I may have others. Please let me know if you can assist in accessing the MM account for this.

I got into this whole mess by using the seed words to recreate the accounts. This one did not populate. Thanks, Richard

Thank you, @Villas785, for trying to help.
Kindly note the Community section here is not monitored for support.
I moved this thread back to Support.

Your wallet is tied to your secret recovery key. Different installations of Metamask can have different passwords. If you wish to have the same password, reinstall and set it up with the same password.

For the Hex, if you’re not seeing in on your Metamask but can still see in on a block explorer like, you may have to add the token again to Metamask’s token list.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to share your account info in a public forum, and absolutely do not share your secret recovery phrase /seed phrase with anyone, including support. Nor will you ever need to scan any QR code or allow support to connect to your wallet for support.

Hi Karen, I understand I may seem like a complete pain in the butt here. And- I am admitting defeat. I cannot at present decipher and understand what to do.

There is a lot HEX available here. I am will in to hire someone for PHONE assistance.

I have my recovery key and have tried it several times, changing the password each time. I have added the HEX token. Tried several addresses. None seem to populate the account with Tokens.

Nothing has worked.

Is there any way you can assist?

Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard @Valwe1956 :slightly_smiling_face: this :point_down: is your ETH address YES? :smiley:

NOW you see this ETH address in the MetaMask wallet?
This ETH addres show 3,087,112.11705396 HEX is OUT

You used the web ?
To staking HEX tokens? Check this site.

Hi Luigi, First of all- when I reply- is this a secure communication between the 2 of us- or is this posted?

Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard. We do not provide phone support at the moment. If you do get someone to help, you just make sure to not share any account secret recovery phrase.

For security reasons, I would recommend opening a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
If you can see the token on the block explorer, that means the tokens are still in your wallet, it seems just a display setting issue. We will definitely help you gain access to it via Metamask as soon as possible.

@Valwe1956 everyone will see your answer

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