Key phrase recovered a different account ( Everyone Read so that you are aware and can maybe provide proof))

Sooo after reading similar complaints it seems that Metamask is in denial about this, but I’m hoping someone has had luck in finding a solution to this problem, I witched phones so I had to re download the app and used me recovery phrase IN THE CORRECT ORDER and it was my primary account but meta mask recovered a different account , I lost around $2000k worth of pre sale coins and have tried everything to get my same wallet back, the address is different to my old one and its absolutely ridiculous the amount of “HELP” I am receiving, I just want my old wallet back maaan, I’m at a point where I don’t want to recommend metamask to anyone since this phantom recovery issue is impossible since no one has proof of it other than transaction receipts, the thing is you don’t know about the issue until it happens then when you try and prove it on multiple devices it doesn’t appear again, get you ish together… I hope the community can help me in this matter

I appreciate anyone that takes the time replying, much love and I hope no one else experiences this.


I have had the exact same experience…along with TONS of others on this support website. It has been 2 months for me and I have tried everything listed on this website multiple times without any results. After sending me a couple articles, the MetaMask Support has ignored me and everyone else that is having this issue. I keep hoping for a miracle!


It is a sad day when a “Trust” wallet, is not so trustworthy at the end of the day, i do have a glimmer of hope that someone in the company can connect the dots and realise maybe the 100’s of people that are experiencing this issue maybe aren’t lying…you would think the first 10 people would have done this…

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Also to anyone who sees this, look up coffeezilla and message him about this issue, im sure he will find a solution lol

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have u tried to use bip39 tools to turn your seed/ recovery phrase into private key then import it

google bip39

i’ve written article on how to use it, and use seed phrase from trustwallet and restore on metamask, hope it helps but can’t post link here

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I had what I thought was the same issue. I realized what happened was that I had created a main account and 2 additional accounts but was using the 3rd account and not the main account. I’m not sure why I did that but I did. I think I was originally planning on using 1 account for one project and the second account for another and the third for the one I was using it for at the time but the other two projects never took off as expected. Once you have the account that it pulled up with your seed phrase you need to go into your main account and at the bottom you can click on add account. This is where it can get cyou need to back up. The seed phrase and the key string or whatever that particular wallet calls it. Each wallet has their own terms as to the names of their security functions. Anyway Metamask calls it their private key. As with all wallets you should be backing up both forms of their security forms of entry either the private key, or the seed phrase (ie, pass phrase, nmeumonics, etc.) You need to use this to import the wallet you’re wanting to import. If you didn’t write this down when you created your different accounts your screwed. I didn’t realize they weren’t all linked by the same seed phrase and didn’t write each one down. It will only restore what it knows as its main wallet with the original seed phrase and anything else needs to be restored with the private key for each account and I lost about $500 worth of crypto. Now I use a cold wallet to back everything up and then I can use that to keep all of my accounts on it so that I don’t have to worry about losing them. It’s definitely worth the money spent in the long run