Sospetta mail spam?

Hi, I have received suspected spam mail from the address indicated, have any of you received the same mail?
Meta Mask Support

The text reads:
“Your wallet was unable to successfully update to the newest version of Blockchain due to the high volume of activity on our network. As a result, you will be required to manually complete the update of your wallet to ensure for it to be functional before June 12.
What consequences will result from my failure to complete the update?
If the update is not completed by June 12, the use of your assets will be suspended…
Wallets that have not completed the update will be unable to use our service.”

And concludes with the update request with a link to click.
Thank you

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Hi @Francesco,

It is definitely a SCAM. NEVER enter your Secret Recovery Phrase and the Private Keys on any site and NEVER share them with anyone.

Thanks for letting us know.


hi. This is a scam email, please do not be scammed. :rofl:


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