Speed up tx. New tx is not found in etherscan

I created a tx to deploy a smart contract a couple of days ago, and its been stuck as pending for 4 days so I decided to speed it up in metamask.

I can see the new tx in the wallet but when I search for the tx Id in etherscan is not found.

My wallet: 0xE368eAB5EcaD8834f0EDA60617882Ecd6708dC81

First Tx: 0x2020c2683b31d0671c5412c26162507a9b44b43b90cc313b6e3a1cc5e6396df2

New Tx: 0xdf59abee15189e988e43d793c46483e98bb681fb8c37d79e9c47805060cfcbe2

Activity Log in metamask:
Transaction created with a value of 0 ETH at 19:14 on 8/23/2021.
Transaction submitted with estimated gas fee of 0.033 ETH at 19:37 on 8/23/2021.
Transaction resubmitted with estimated gas fee increased to 0.06 ETH at 13:59 on 8/28/2021

What can I do?

If you are trying to scam people at least try to write properly.


Tx is now in etherscan, it was just a matter of waiting. thanks