Stake on matic wallet

Hello sir I have problem with stake the matic coins On polygon wallet , I have coin on ledger and I connected to the metamask When is choose validator And I select the amount of matic for stake then click delegate The transaction on the metamask will failed I have ETH on my wallet for gas fee but I tried again and again but problem not solve so please help me

You Can rise the gas of fee and retry.

How can I rise it? Please explain to me

Please send Dm on the Telegram it’s my Id @mahdikhandani

How can increase gass fee

when you interact the Ledger with Metamask, you need to be in the Ethereum App, independently of the Network you are in, also, in the settings in the Ethereum App make sure you set the Contract Data option to Allowed, or all transactions with smart contracts will fail, which is probably what is happening.

If you haven’t $MATIC your transaction cannot succed. You need $MATIC for the fee on polygone network. Not ETH.