Storage limited 2

Hello, how to remove the storage space limit error?
Is it possible to fix these bugs in the new updates?


hi @Yamortezaali ,

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Would you be able to share a screenshot here so we can get a visual on what you’re seeing? If not, can you type out what the error is reading?



در تاریخ یکشنبه ۱۵ مهٔ ۲۰۲۲،‏ ۱۷:۳۵ KBee via MetaMask <> نوشت:


Thank you @Yamortezaali !

Can you please share these two pieces of information so we can look further into this:

Your Android or iOS version

Your MetaMask app version


Android 8.0.0
Metamask 5.1.0

در تاریخ یکشنبه ۱۵ مهٔ ۲۰۲۲،‏ ۲۲:۴۶ KBee via MetaMask <> نوشت:


Thank you! Can you try updating your MetaMask app? There are more recent versions, are you able to update?

Also - confirming you have your secret recovery phrase written down before doing anything.


No sorry. Whats Last version

در تاریخ یکشنبه ۱۵ مهٔ ۲۰۲۲،‏ ۲۳:۳۱ KBee via MetaMask <> نوشت:


Hi @Yamortezaali ,

Sorry, I didn’t read your post right. 5.1.0 is the latest for Android.

@Yamortezaali ,

Can you put in a ticket with our Help Desk for this? I’m also sharing internally but for you to receive direct communication from support they’ll ask you for the best way to get back in touch with you directly.

To put in a Help Desk ticket go to , click the large blue square bubble on the upper middle right side of screen (image below). This will connect you to a bot at first but click through answers and you should get to a live agent or be able to submit a ticket.


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What should I do now?

در تاریخ دوشنبه ۱۶ مهٔ ۲۰۲۲،‏ ۶:۲۸ KBee via MetaMask <> نوشت:

Your metamask data are corrupted :grimacing: only reinstall the app will help you. I hope you have a metamask seed phrase.

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I havnt this .

در تاریخ دوشنبه ۱۶ مهٔ ۲۰۲۲،‏ ۱۰:۲۶ Bobby via MetaMask <> نوشت:

@Yamortezaali ,

Did you reach out to Help Desk and get a live agent?

No i dont speak english, just a little

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Scammer . Stay away from this community and get a life . Hello @Yamortezaali , @Henryhunter is a scammer . Don’t send any mail to his email . That’s clearly a gmail and metamask support does not use such . Only contact metamask verified support networks and don’t click links or enter malicious websites .
Keeps your seedwords safe .


@Yamortezaali MetaMask support won’t help you with this :neutral_face: important MetaMask data are corrupted and therefore you cannot log in the application.

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@Yamortezaali trying to find you some type of solution, at least to get your secret recovery phrase before doing anything on the app. This is something you should have written down somewhere safe and not share with anyone or any website, ever. Do not store it on email or cloud.

When I hear back I’ll post here.

@Yamortezaali ,

Since you do not have your Secret Recovery Phase and are on an Android, do not uninstall the app in case there is a solution but not sure there will be.

Can you provide this information -

*Did you happen to use this wallet on any other device besides your Android?

  • Did you write down your Secret Recovery Phrase anywhere and can get access to it?

  • The amount of storage that MetaMask is taking up on your phone?

  • How much storage does device have available?

Thank you!


Hi, my account is only installed on my phone. 12 people do not even have access to it
This happened when I had enough space. Volume of wallet use
One hundred megabytes
And 3 GB of free space