Swap and connection problem?

I have transfered from binance Bitcoins not BTCB which i understand is completly different currency, to Metamask no idea why it had changed from Bitcoins to BTCB but ok, now i have problem to change BTCB to Bitcoin, i have tried on pancakes and instead of “Swap” button i can see button “Enable BTCB”, if i click on “Enable BTCB” button, in metamask a receive messege "
" Allow Https ://pancakeswap finance to spend your BTCB?
Do you trust this site? By granting this permission, you’re allowing
Http ://pancakeswap.finance to withdraw your BTCB and automate transactions for you.

Edit Permission
Transaction Fee
A fee is associated with this request.
0.000244 bnb
View full transaction details "
there are two buttons “Reject” which is working and “confirm” which doesnot
if i cannot swap/excahnege currency, I want to transfer the BTCB to Binance but of course It does not allow me.
could you tell how i can change from BTCB to BItcoin or any other currency?
I was trying for the last 2 -3 days to find a solution on you tube or articles but none of them are helful

thank you

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