Swap Plspad from BSC bep-20 to Velas Network

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to send my Pulsepad token from BSC to Velas Network. I already tryed to do this process with the site bridge.velaspad but the tranzaction is failing at the first pre authorization step…
any help???

First and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate bridge dapp.

What’s showing up when it says the transaction is failing?

Hi Winnie, thanks for your answer.

I’am using the site bridge.velaspad

here have a screenshot with the transaction failling

It looks like the “Failed to Approve Tokens!” error is coming from bridge.velaspad, not from MetaMask.

I would contact the bridge.velaspad team.

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today the site bridge.velaspad worked.
swap done!

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