Swap Polyquity to other Token: Unknown error: "Internal JSON-RPC error.". Try increasing your slippage tolerance


i have tested the Yield Farmin “PolyQuity”.
Swap and add liquidity was successfull, but return isn´t no Swap possible.
I get an error:
Unknown error: “Internal JSON-RPC error.”. Try increasing your slippage tolerance.

The standart solutions:

  • ensure the network has been added correctly. You can use (Chainlist) to add custom network/ tokens
  • ensure you have enough native tokens from that network to pay for gas
  • ensure you are using the latest version of the app or the extension

don´t solve the problem.
Slipping tolerance i have ioncreased until 20 %.
It´s on every coin i try to swap.
I tryed it on the matic Network.

Any Ideas?

Best regards