SWAP PROBLEM! Who can help me?

Hello, I am doing cross-chain bridge funds in the Avax chain to use small fox wallet redemption to 856 USDT copies only to 0.84948 USDT, this is the last hash value 0xab2dcb6484c5a0c760b2a217cbf6805adbb211142d4ce6677a3c91a7fdf63414.Who can help me ?

Hello, can you describe the process in detail? What cross chain bridge do you use? In addition, can you explain your specific steps in this process?

Started from the phantom wallet snow to the horseshoe chain, then transfer from the horseshoe chain to the Avax chain, then exchange USDT in the small fox wallet, this process is interdated in the middle of this process, mapping it is a loop,

Currency crossing the cross bridge is exchanged in small fox wallet, 856 856∪sdt Currency, only redemption 0.84948USDT

I hope to see the technical master administrator of the post to help me thank you.


Can I use Chinese directly?


马蒂转到AVAX的usdt代币,我使用了小狐狸你的兑换 功能,USDT转USDT856个兑换完 我钱包只收到0.84948个USDT,哈希值0xab2dcb6484c5a0c760b2a217cbf6805adbb211142d4ce6677a3c91a7fdf63414



I really didn’t pay attention, what can I do?

Can you help me? 856USDT is my two month living



Where is 856USDT? Who pays me 0.84948USDT

0x4f3 this address looks like an arbitrage robot. Your currency was eaten by this robot. Metamask should remind you when you trade. You may not pay attention. When confirming the trade, it will prompt the risk of high slip point.


Your phone number has been deleted. If anyone reaches out to you on it, ignore them, they are a scammer. Please do not post your phone on these public forums, thank you.


wish to solve it immiduilty, wish no loss in using metamask

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