Swapped asset not showing in MetaMask wallet

Hi, I just swapped ethereum to Shibadodge token but there is some issue.
1, On the MetaMask wallet app it shows how many Shibdodge I have but doesn’t show the dollar amount and it is not added to my account’s total balance either.
2, On the desktop browser MetaMask extension under assets it doesn’t show Shibdodge. Instead it shows ethereum and zero amount of Baby dodge but I didn’t swap any Baby dodge. Can I get some help please? Thanks.

Hello @greenex, welcome to MetaMask community!

  1. It is normal, as not all tokens get to have their value shown in $.
  2. Make sure you have added the network on which you have the token, and the token’s contract address itself. Here are some guides to help you with that. Take the contract address only from trusted sources.

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