Tokens were not added to the wallet after successful swap

HI, I just successfully swapped ETH for SHIBDOGE, but SHIBDOGE is not appearing in the wallet. please let me know what shall I do to recover it in the wallet. Many thanks!


Hi Nadia @gettingthere open
and click on fox :fox_face: icon


Or copy contract address and click Import Tokens…

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Will try, thank you so much!

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Hello, I’m re-posting here because my message from before has obviously been deleted. I made a request on the support for more than 9 days and I still have not had an answer concerning a transfer from the SORARE application to my METAMASK wallet. I still haven’t received the ETH even though the transaction is validated from the SORARE application. Can you help me ? Thank you !

@Adx check the transaction on the site

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I made it, all is good.

  1. click Import token
  2. click on Custom token
  3. copy contract address to the window for it ( I found the contract address on Etherscan page with my transaction details)
  4. Token symbol - its a name of token Shibadoge
  5. The required decimal number is also on Etherscan page- mine was 18
  6. Click Add custom token when itĹ› blue and active
    Good luck!

Hey @Adx, thanks for submitting a ticket to our support team, and sorry to hear about the wait. The support team will be with you as soon as they can.

For future reference, please create a new topic when you have a separate issue, and please make sure to post it in the correct category.

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@gettingthere Nice :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Good morning and thank you for your answers.
So, my transaction is validated on etherscan (I notice, however, that the uppercase letters of my METAMASK address are in lowercase in the transaction; I don’t know if this is normal.)
Thanks also to the support for the help they can give me.

@AdxYES it is normal :slightly_smiling_face: when you use ETH addresses

There are two versions of Ethereum addresses: one that contains uppercase letters and one that does not:


The one that is all lowercase is not checksummed, meaning that you could mistype a letter or number, send it off, and it would be lost forever. If you use the checksummed version and mistype it, it will tell you that it’s an invalid address.

So :slightly_smiling_face: the etherscan page displays a different number of ETH as a MetaMask wallet?
Or does not display any ETH?

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the etherscan page displays the correct amount of ETH transferred… Everything seems correct… Except that these ETH do not appear on my metamask wallet! :sweat_smile:

@Adx Hmm :thinking: what is your browser?

google chrome… And I had imorted the ETH token in my wallet… One info, when I transferred ETH from SORARE to METAMASK, no order line appeared on METAMASK, nor to validate the transaction nor to refuse it…

@Adx try this:

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it does not work… and my balance not appear in orange in my wallet…

SO :thinking: change FONT color :smile: on orange… only joking.

Save your seed phrase :point_down: if you have it saved :eyes: check it anyway in MetaMask wallet.

Uninstall and install MetaMask :fox_face: wallet.

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ok, I’ll try that… Thank you for the time you devote to my concern Luigi! :wink:

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OK :slightly_smiling_face: I am waiting.


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Yeahhhh !!! It works !!! Thanks a lot Luigi ! :love_you_gesture:

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Yeahhhh !!! :smile: :+1: SUPER

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