Swapping ERC20 WAX Token


I had some ERC WAX tokens in my Metamask Wallet but am not able to trade or withdraw them anywhere. The old WAX token is not listed for swapping, is there any other way I could exchange them to another token?

Welcome @ASRKTY to the MetaMask community.
If the WAX token has a new token contract address listed, you can contact their support to find a way to migrate these old token. Or you can use CoinGecko: Cryptocurrency Prices and Market Capitalization or https://coinmarketcap.com/ to look for exchanges that you can still exchange these kind of tokens.

Hi @lsq ,
Thank you for your welcome. I took your suggestions and did a little research but the exchanges that have ERC20 WAX tokens aren’t available in my country. Could I expect Metamask to add the swapping option for the ERC20 WAX in the future?

Oops. Unfortunately, MetaMask is not an exchange itself, and cannot add this option if the exchanges doesn’t have it already.