Swapping eth for ethplode

I recently swapped ethereum for ethplode on coinbase wallet. The transaction is showing success on etherscan but i never received my ethplode coin. Hash number 0xc0537160cebb4be9af7ab86f6cd7b277f0b6695e57e2100bb1d5bf1fce621642


Hello @ssawadogo1 , welcome to the metamask community.

This is a metamask community, do you have any other wallet related issues in your metamask ?


I would try to contact Coinbase and see if they can tell your where your ethplode is. I’m pretty sure that they can tell you more about it.


Checking the transaction hash, it should be there.

If you were using Metamask, I’d say to follow these steps: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

You could always import the Seed Phrase Coinbase wallet gave you into Metamask.
Most blockchain wallets use the same method for creating accounts, so your Recovery Phrase is the same whichever wallet software you choose.


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