Sxp sent from SwipeWallet on BSC not showing on BSC account

Hi, I’ve sent 50 SXP from my swipe wallet to Metamask using BSC address on Metamask. It shows completed on Swipe Wallet but there is no trace of it in Metamask. I,ve added SXP coin to my account so I don’t understand why it’s not showing. Am I missing something?

Hi kristobalZ, enter your ETH Metamask address to see your SXP? in Token:

no, nothing in there

hmm :roll_eyes: enter your ETH Metamask address to :smile: nothing?

my ETH address now is showing all other tokens but no SXP

the other thing is that Account 2 that I had created for BSC completely disappeared from Metamask

kristobalZ and send SXP to Account 2?

yes, but the account 2 was still here like an hour ago- I 've sent it 8hours ago. Now it’s gone

try adding account again

I also used that account for Swipe Farm staking and just tried to access it and I can’t. How can account just disappear?

I clicked create and it came back

but no SXP and it’s only BNB there no other added assets

good :slightly_smiling_face:

great, you send it using bsc and it’s ok but when you do the same thing the other way you loose your money.

thanks for help Luigi

kristobalZ maybe not :slightly_smiling_face: what is your ETH address account 2?


ok Address 0xB05306c1EeFF7cBC33050CDD80F0F35834ead59D | Etherscan not lost :grinning:

try adding sxp address

got it, it’s there. Thanks a lot Luigi, now I have to figure out how to transfer them to bsc account jeeeez

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YES click Add Token :point_down: and add Token Contract Address: