Sent SXP from my Metamask (ETH) > Metamask (BSC)...anyway to retrieve?

As title says, I stupidly sent SXP from my Eth address on Metamask to my Binance Smart Chain address on Metamask. I now realise I should of bridged as its going from ERC20>BEP20.

Is there anyway to recover these funds?

Many thanks


What? :smile: sent SXP from Binance?

Must add Binance Smart Chain

Nope. I already had SXP in my Eth address on Metamask. I then sent to my Binance Smart Chain address on Metamask (had previously added the BSC network obv).

Switch on Ethereum Mainnet :sweat_smile: sorry man but i need more
info… see this addres on your metamask wallet?
Transaction Hash is ok? not show some error?
Used two ETH Metamask address? or 2 accounts?

Thanks for trying to help.

I sent from my Eth mainnet > BSC mainnet.

Transaction hash is fine. Shows on Eth address BUT does not show on BscScan under same address.

I have 1 ETH metamask address and another address for BSC (also on Metamask, as you can see in the pic).

hmm :upside_down_face: ok you send SXP from Account 1 to account :point_right: Binance Smart Chain?

and this page show you SXP?

And yes.


OK :slightly_smiling_face:

Open your account Binance Smart Chain (network setting Ethereum Mainnet)
Must copy contract address Swipe token :point_right: 0x8ce9137d39326ad0cd6491fb5cc0cba0e089b6a9

Click on Add Token - select Custom Token and add Contract Address Swipe token…

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Praise the lord. I had done the ‘new token’ details on every other setting but somehow not that one pmsl. Brilliant, thanks mate. Will send through a donation, you got any other addresses besides ETH as hate paying them fees lol

In fact, don’t worry. Have sent 2 small donations to your linked address. Cheers again

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wow :smiley: :+1: thanks you so much Vulcan. Cheers :champagne:

luigi dancing

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