Sync with mobile =but the 'Sync with extension' feature is temporarily disabled

Hi, on my Iphone I have my NFT’s visible and I added the Binance smart chain! I can not see all that on my metamask on my laptop! So I tried to synchronize my laptop with my Iphone (settings/advanced/sync with mobile =but the ‘Sync with extension’ feature is temporarily disabled, is indicated!?)
So may be I could synchronize from my Iphone, but will I lose my info and NFT’s at that moment (because there is less on my laptop then on my Iphone)?
I also have to tell you that my password on my laptop is different then the one on my Iphone, is that a problem?! Please some help, kind regards


Hello, metamask can only view NFT on the mobile phone. If you want to view it on the PC, you can log in to opensea and view it on the personal page. In addition, you need to keep your private key and don’t disclose it. For the set password, the Mobile terminal and PC terminal can be set differently


Thnx Tksly, very helpfull
So I could synchronize from my Iphone to my laptop I suppose without seeing my nft’s on metamask laptop (but I still can see them on opensea ;;-))) ?
And will the Binance smart chain be visible on my laptop then if I synchronize because it is already installed on my Iphone metamask app ? Kind regards

Yes, you need to set up BSC chain in metamask on your PC. if you want to view your NFT in BSC chain, you need to log in on a platform like tofunft, and then connect to your address. You can see your NFT on your personal page, because opensea does not support the NFT of BSC chain at present


Okay so do I understand it right that I need to set up BSC chain in metamask on my PC MANUALLY? (and not by synchro with myIphone as it is already installed there)
It’s just that I will swap some ETH to BNB without Binance (from eth main network to Binance smart chain), I will execute that on changenow, I suppose I can not do this with my Iphone?
About the nft’s it is okay that I can see them from my PC on opensea;;-)) Kind regards

Yes, you need to manually set up the BSC chain on the PC. the following is a tutorial. In addition, you can first exchange eth for some bnb, and then cross link the bnb to the BSC chain through the cross chain tool


Okay , so now I added Binance smart chain to my metamask on my laptop
On my phone it is called Smart Chain, I hope it is the same? ;;-)))))!!
Last week I try to figure out to add some bnb to my Iphone metamaskapp on smart chain by the way of bridge binance, a lot of issues I can tell, so that is why I will use Changenow!!

Follow the above method to set the BSC chain. After setting, you need to transfer to some bnbs. You can use a cross chain bridge like anyswap to cross the ETH chain to your BSC chain


Hi TKsly, thanks for helping;;-))) , are you from metamask or just a regular guy?

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