The estimated gas fee for the transaction is too high

Since last two days, I am facing the problem in mainnet, like when I try to connect with my metamask wallet and do some operation related to smart contract, then it costs too much estimated price of gas, which is unreal, almost more than $3000 per transaction.
On the other hand, when I use the trust wallet app for the same operation, it shows a comparatively lower estimated gas price.
As you can see the difference between both the transactions.

When use Metamask:
The estimated gas fee : $3230.55

When use trust wallet:
The estimated gas fee : $96.49

So I want to know if there is any issue with the metamask extension because before two days it was working absolutely fine.

(Note: I can’t attach screenshots here. I tried to upload them, but in this case it won’t let me post)

Hi that is normal, when it shows you higher fee means network is congested so meta mask or any other wallet try to give the gas fee value which will make your transaction confirm immediately. But sometimes this gas fee can be insanely high, that time either you should wait to let the gas price lower or you can try to customise gas fee. If still this doesn’t help then for that time you can use another wallet like you have mentioned yourself.

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@procrypto Thanks for the reply.
But do you think it’s a feasible estimate because if you see the difference at the same time in two different wallets (metamask and trust) then it’s almost $3134.06 ($3230.55 - $96.49)
If the network appears to be busy, both wallets should give a similar estimation otherwise the difference shouldn’t be that big, right?

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Metamask and trust wallet Claims that they don’t charge the fee themselves which is true but both wallets and any other wallets are linked to certain nodes and which then link to the miners which further determines the fee. Take the example of blockchain (.com) wallet which charges very less fee as compared to any other wallet while exodus charges always a higher fee.
But in your case it is not feasible that much fee. Can you try reinstalling or resetting the wallet, but make sure you save your backup phrase before doing so. Maybe it will be helpful.


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