Time token sent to wrong network

Hello, I wanted to send the Time token from the BCS network to the Kucoin exchange through MetaMask, and I chose the Ethereum network in the Kucoin exchange. This process was successful for MetaMask but I did not receive Kucoin. I contacted them but they said that they do not support transfer from BSC network. Is there a way I can transfer these currencies back to MetaMask?

hi @sohailbadghisi ,welcome to MetaMask community.
Your token has been transferred to the Kucoin address and cannot be revoked.
But they are not completely lost, you can ask Kucoin if they can transfer your token back to you from Ethereum (or deduct a part of the token as gas fee).
If Kucoin doesn’t support this for now, you can only see it when Kucoin supports Ethereum.

By the way, when we transfer tokens to an exchange, we must see if it supports the chain we are using. Otherwise, the token may be lost.


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