Tool to save Stick Coin following a hack

Many of us have been hacked. It’s not something we want to experience, but when It happens It would be helpful to save whatever remains Stuck, whatever we are talking about staking or NFT or even lands that have been spared.

The problem in these case Is the bot syphoning away the gas fees.

The tool should allow the new MM Just created to be used to be used for gas fees. It should require, to work, only the seed phrase of the hacked PF and the link between PF should happen locally to not allow the bot to interfere.

Thank you @Armaged for submitting this feature request. That’s indeed a difficult situation to be in. We’ll definitely investigate how could we provide more help to users that find themselves in such situations in the future.

In the meantime, here is an interesting article about a complex operation made to rescue NFTs from a compromised wallet.