Transaction confirmed but not visible in Metamask

I sent BNT to my metamask wallet. Transaction is confirmed, but not in my wallet. I added the BSC network also to my wallet.

This is the confirmation, however not visible in my metamask wallet

Hi @nootski try to add BNT manually :point_right: click Add Token - Custom Token
Token Contract Address: 0xa069008a669e2af00a86673d9d584cfb524a42cc

Hi Luigi,

I already was a fan of Mario Brothers, but Luigi is now definitely my favourite! Your solution worked, thanks very much!!!


I was happy to help :smiley:


Luigi is simply unstoppable :grin:

Hello Luigi,

Since you were of help to someone, I got kind of the same issue since last week. I sent a few ETH from Kraken to my metamask. Transaction confirmed within 2 minutes but ETH is not displaying on my wallet.

I have a EUR account on Kraken - bought ETH, withdrew and sent them to my Metamask. I can see the transaction there but it is still says 0 ETH as balance. Kraken said that they used the default Ethereum Mainnet as the primary network.

Any feedback/advise would be highly appreciated.

@Favio I’ll write you a private message :upside_down_face: I need more information.

Hi Luigi, I know you will be of help, so mistakenly sent from Binance to metamask ETH using the wrong network, how can I recover my ETH in metamask?? Thanks in advance

Hi @Yoliswhite Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

open this page and click on Fox :fox_face:

I transferred my trust wallet to MetaMask but didn’t receive anything either . Transaction Hash:




Hi @MightxTy Click :point_right: :gear: Settings - Networks - Add Network

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Click :point_right: SAVE

Open: and click on fox :fox_face:

I did that and it said deeplink not supported

@MightxTy or add token manually: click Add Token
Token Contract Address: 0x07b36f2549291d320132712a1e64d3826b1fb4d7

I got wifedoge tolen on matemask. Before that I sent my wifedoge to MetaMask main ethereum wallet now it didn’t show up

@MightxTy you added BSC network? :point_down:

I sent my wifedoge straight from trust wallet to my main MetaMask etheruem wallet without pancake swap to bnb. I don’t know where all the money went now :frowning:

They are here :point_down: but you have to add BSC network + your token.

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How do I send my wifedoge to my main ethereum wallet?

@MightxTy This is not possible :smiley: Wifedoge is just a BEP-20 token on the BSC network.