Transaction ended up on some "Limbo" address

Hey there
first of…if its gone its gone, i understand that…:wink: but it is kinda not gone…
Maybe someone can have a look into the TX and can clear things up.
I tried sending USDT from Metamask to Coinbase Pro USDT address. Even though i wasnt on the ETH network(i swapped BNB to ETH in MM and MM automatically put the USDT amount in the BSC network section) i thought since USDT is an ERC-20 token it still would go through.
TX didnt arrive at Coinbase, instead it is “parked” on some weird address i can not make any sense out of. Im not educated enough to understand the deep ins and outs of Blockchain Tech, so if someone was knowledgeable enough to understand this and if theres a chance to recove it, id be grateful!
So…is it gone or not?
Thnak you in advance!