Transaction failed, but money is out

Hello, I was trying pay the gas fee for Foundation contract, but my transaction got failed, and the amount never came back to my account! what should I do?

transaction: 0x992af2731781399d150c5a0e81326335a35b4c8c4c83703a985ad98d92c5c5dd

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If you listen to them to upgrade, then the seed of your MM is in their hands.

Please tell me what should I do?

How can I do that? How to upgrade?

He will send you the virus and steal your MM seeds.

Remove MM from your browser, download the latest version from the app store, and restore your wallet with your own seed. This is the correct way to upgrade.

all the people
Reply in each post, let people escalate. These people are obviously people who use the Mars Stealer virus to disguise themselves as MM upgrades to steal other people’s seeds. You also let others level up in every post!

Thanks. Did you check my transaction?

Which chain are you using to transfer money?

I was paying gas fee to make collection on

In the blockchain, the gas fee is not refundable regardless of success or failure. Because miners all need to do calculations. What do you want to ask?

so I can never get the money back?

Also, you should directly say that you are using the eth chain, which saves me a lot of trouble.

Are you new to the cryptocurrency space?

Yes, I even don’t know what happened to me.

If you’re asking why the eth fees you paid weren’t returned, well, they’ve already been distributed to miners.
It is recommended that you learn more basic knowledge to prevent being deceived.

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