Transaction from Uphold USDT did not arrive to my wallet

I sent USDT from Uphold but it never showed up to my USDT in my Meta Mask Wallet. The transaction shows up in Uphold, but never registered on Meta Mask so there is no transaction ID.

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What is trustdatabasefix. com

I also tried to go to the site and look it up, but there is no info on it.

@Kyoj1n don’t use that page :see_no_evil: it’s a scam

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Thank you. Figured it was a scam.

Bapicon deleted his post, but because I responded to it, the scammy website is still in my thread for all to see.

Hi, i mistakenly sent my USDT to BUSDT. Would like also to ask if it is possible to retrieve my funds

@Babeey I don’t know :slightly_smiling_face: I need more information… sended from MetaMask to?

Sent from metamask to BUSDT contract address.

@Babeey Hmm that’s not very good :roll_eyes: try contacting Binance support.