Transaction gone

Hi, I made a transaction yesterday between two of my metamask accounts but did not get it? You can see on blockchain that I have done everything right, the wallet address is right, the networks are right, everything is right but the money is gone.

Transactions id: 0x7cae4a27e8cffa29ffa42320c1ce865c1a2f60937f17f7c81f98d4f4717d467f

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The transaction was made from this adress : 0xCCED1bAad4e8b6C0c6da64b68Ff5ffC2dB732C49

To this adress : 0xc00CbeDdCb14Ddc81F935167a7144D80592858dD

The transaction id is : 0x7cae4a27e8cffa29ffa42320c1ce865c1a2f60937f17f7c81f98d4f4717d467f

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Alex -

I’m going through a couple posts right now but don’t follow Mary’s advice, they are a scam account. Same with the systemMM account - they are scammers.

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When I look at this, it looks like it was transferred directly to the DOME contract. I see where your 2nd wallet pops up but it still looks like everything got transferred directly to DOME. Hopefully someone here can post insight. @luigi and @nakedwinnie are great resources here - be careful, there are scammers who try to impersonate them - they won’t directly message you ever and everything would be public here.


How should it be transferred to the everdome contract once I have entered my wallet address that you can clearly see on the transaction ID? what is this bullshit, I have clearly entered my own wallet address where should I even have gotten the everdome contract from, do not you think I would have remembered if I looked up coinmarketcap, searched on everdome, and copied the contract and then gone back and pasted in? it’s a little hard to do without remembering it. And as I said, transaction ID can confirm, it says they were sent from 0xCCED1bAad4e8b6C0c6da64b68Ff5ffC2dB732C49

to 0xc00CbeDdCb14Ddc81F935167a7144D80592858dD

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Hey Alex,

Sorry you’re so frustration. I don’t work for MetaMask, I’m just a community member trying to help where I can. I was just sharing what it looks like when I initially look at the txhash. I am sure there will be others who can help provide more insight.

When I look at the hash, the “Interacted With (To)” is DOME - this is why I said my response.


How would I be a fraudster? I don’t ask anyone to contact me off site or through DMs, all my communication is on this public forum. A scammer would try to get someone to DM them or contact them through any other avenue.

SystemMM - you joined yesterday and are claiming you’re MM support. Stop trying to scam people.

@Alex6 in another thread someone noticed you had mentioned the transaction was yesterday (now two days ago) but the txhash ID you posted is from 14 days ago (now 15). I shared this info just in case it helps anything -

Alex6 could you have meant this tx?

This was done yesterday.

from wallet 0xc00cbeddcb14ddc81f935167a7144d80592858dd to 0xcb99159E474A56Af96a10B192b0D32E7A392Df5E

there was also one more yesterday, tx hash 0x9fa96f5062ada0b127b5756bf9a2863ca64045cc843b0d1da3b919a41fed92da

that transferred from wallet 0x3b819CbB684cBc07fF3cE18788C6cd2C4b492317 to 0xc00CbeDdCb14Ddc81F935167a7144D80592858dD before 0xc00CbeDdCb14Ddc81F935167a7144D80592858dD then transferred out to 0xcb99159E474A56Af96a10B192b0D32E7A392Df5E in the previous shared hash.

If you meant the original tx ID from 14/15 days ago here is some info -

According to the TXID, the 24k DOME tokens were credited to the account 0xc00CbeDdCb14Ddc81F935167a7144D80592858dD, but subsequently transferred out roughly 10min later via TXID 0x33223638bfaebe4c73b436559168d5ceb8bdd204336b398711a16ddb721f5cee. do you recognize that transfer out TXID?


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Sorry to hear this has happened.

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