Transaction not going through

Good afternoon I want to withdraw BNB - but the transaction has been pending for almost 12 hours what is the problem?

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Hello, please provide your transaction hash and I will check it for you. Please be careful not to disclose the secret key and seed phrase.

The situation is - I wanted to send 1 BNB to ByBit

  1. Initially 0.1 BNB - transaction was pending

  2. Canceled - put 0.2 BNB on withdrawal - the situation repeated itself

Now - 1 BNB is on the balance sheet - but nothing happens





These transactions are currently pending. Please don’t continue sending. You can send an order on your metamask mobile terminal, close the PC terminal at the same time, and open the PC terminal after the mobile terminal is sent successfully. Maybe the problem can be solved.


And why? What happened? Why is the transaction taking so long?

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This is a transaction jam. You can solve it according to my above method.

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Is this a problem for everyone or just me?

This happens sometimes, but it’s not common. As long as we have a solution, it doesn’t matter, does it? :smiley_cat:

How can I connect BSC to my Metamask wallet on Android?

If I write you the address of the purse - you will be able to believe - did the funds from the purse go somewhere yesterday?

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You can enter the BSC network manually to your MetaMask App on your mobile.

Go to your MetaMask Settings → Networks → Add Network and then enter the settings for the BSC networks. You can find the BSC networks settings for MetaMask online.

The following is the method of adding BSC chain. You can do as I say. Your transaction is stuck, which happens occasionally. Don’t worry

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