Transactions blocked

I have made some transactions and they are blocked.

I can’t do anything.

The txhash on bscscan don’t exist for those transactions.

I can’t accelerate ou cancel the transactions.

I can’t do anything with my assets.

Can some one help me?

Hey @Polter, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Do you mean these transactions are pending? Here is more information on our Knowledge Base about pending transactions and what you can do about them:

Please also make sure you have enough tokens to pay for the gas fees.


But my transaction doesn’t say pendind.

The status is “sent”. But the money there is no movement in the balance.

The first one i did was a swap of bnb for wbnb on metamask.

Would you be able to send a transaction hash or your wallet address? That would provide more helpful information. Make sure you also have the wBNB token imported into your MetaMask wallet.

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I’ve solved the problem. I used the nonce and made other transactions. Now is back to normal. I’ve read the article you have sent and through the arcticle learned how to solve it.

Thank you so much for your help!!!