Transaction pending? But Wire says my deposit has come through

Hello I want to clear out I just started using MetaMask, but already i’m not fan of the system and having a bad experience since start.

I wanted to buy some ETH with my credit card for 500DKK in USD 80. I paid with WYRE, everything went good and i have e-mail receipt from them and seeing the transaction has been going through.

Now its time for the fun part… (Ironically) I can see under the MetaMask app, purchases that it says pending… But it says that i would get my ETH in 1-3 minutes… It has been 1 hour now, and i have still not received my ETHERUEM. But I have paid, and there is nothing under transactions or activity… I can’t even cancel shit… I can only watch under purchases that its pending, but have received nothing.

I hope I can get help, and make me receive the ETH I freaking paid for!


Regards Thomas

Same, my bank approved my purchase of ETH using Wyre but MetaMask has been saying pending for like 2 hours for me. Last time I bought ETH on MetaMask using Wyre it went through with no problem. And now I’m stuck at this pending status for a while now. Hopefully it goes through or if any way I can cancel the purchase and get my money back