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Hello, Last night I made a mistake sending tokens (SOL) from my Metamask to my Binance account. Indeed, on Binance I selected my BEP20 address to receive Solana, without having configured my Metamask for this network. The funds are therefore still gone, do you know if I can do a manipulation to recover it? New to this kind of business, thank you!

Hello, please provide your transaction hash and I’ll check it for you



Thanks you mate

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The SOL tokens was sent to this address after it was received to your address. Did you authorize this transaction?


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Yes, the final address is mine (Binance). However it is a BEP20 address (binance), I did not have the BEP20 network on Metamask, this may have generated an error ?

I did not use the same network

Try to contact Binance support:

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Thanks, I’m checking with them. Do you think the network error may be related?

YES you used Ethereum mainnet for Wrapped SOL deposit to Binance.

But binance only support Solana :point_up_2: network for this WSOL token.

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Hello, I’m sure that your coin has been transferred to the wrong chain, because you use the sol of wormhole. The sol recharge interface of coin security supports sol chain and bep20 chain. As far as I know, He Yi said last month that the coin with the wrong chain can be retrieved, but it needs a process. You need to contact He Yi or the customer service of coin security to register for you, and then wait patiently. Generally, they will deal with such a problem once every six months, So hurry to submit your question.

Many people have had similar experiences, so just register patiently and wait for their results. :innocent:

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