Transaction unauthorized and support site down

How take support ? It is impossible to have support from metamask. The support page does not open and my antivurs says it is phishing site and I entered from the correct addresses indicated. There is no official support email and on twitter they do not respond. Security is non-existent because one has made a transaction without me knowing about matic at this address 0x3f024dcbf7219c85fd8eef82a8bd8b6668136435
They should absolutely implement a 2FA so they know right away that someone is asking for a transaction and that only I via mobile or auth can allow the transaction as banks or binance do. All this seems to me an index of little seriousness since metamask is used everywhere so it must be super safe.
Try to contact law enforcment but for low amount i don’t think make anything.

Hey @MelissaSx, sorry to hear this has happened. The official channel to submit a support ticket is through here: and click Start a Conversation

In terms of your MATIC transaction that you did not confirm, it may be that your wallet has been compromised. Please refer to this post here:

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