Transfer BNB (BSC) through Orbit Bridge to MATIC (Polygon)


i was swaping my metamask wallet from BNB in BSC network to MATIC in Polygon network, i have done the network setting, and swapping through the Orbit bridge, the transaction in BSC scan was successful but the amount didn’t show in my Metamask MATIC Polygon

can you help please?
Thank you

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the metamask activity was showing = Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56

Hey @carolinakarmin, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You cannot do a direct swap of tokens from network to network. To get your BNB on BSC to MATIC on Polygon, you would first have to bridge your BNB to Polygon. After your BNB is on Polygon, you can swap that BNB to MATIC.

Would you be able to send your transaction hash? That would provide more helpful information.

You can see the transaction was successful and Orbit Bridge Polygon Binance Coin was successfully transferred to your account on Polygon :point_down:

Make sure you import the correct contract address :point_down:

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