Transfer BUSD from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Mainnet in MetaMask?

Ok… this one is throwing me for a loop… I purchased BUSD on Coinbase and tried to transfer it to my account on the Binance Mainnet in MetaMask… It took me a while to realize that Coinbase sent it to the Ethereum Mainnet… I didn’t realize that your account address stayed the same when you switched between the Ethereum and Binance Mainnets… So while I was on the Binance Mainnet I created another account… Went and bought some gas for the Ethereum side since I know it was the side sending the BUSD… Paid for the swap… and damn if it didn’t just send the BUSD to the new account on the ETHEREUM MAINNET!! What the hell?? I paid gas to swap accounts and it’s still wrong!!!
Some one please (ELI5) How do I get my BUSD from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Binance Mainnet on MetaMask?!?!?

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Hello and welcome to MetaMask community :slight_smile:

You can add multiple networks to your MetaMask wallet, but the public address remains the same on all of them. If you choose to create a new account in your wallet, that account will have a different public address from the first one, but again it will be the same on all the networks that you have added to your wallet (like Binance Smart Chain network, Polygon network, Avalanche and so on).

In order to transfer tokens from a network to another network, like in your case from the Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain network, you would need to use a Bridge.
Your tokens might have ended up in your new MetaMask account, but still on the Ethereum Mainnet because maybe you made a simple transaction/swap between accounts.

There are many bridges on the market, and before you choose one and use it, please read the documentation and see how it works. These articles will surely make things easier:


Thank you!! I will read up some more on the bridges…


Of course, you’re welcome. Always glad to help.


FYI… I was able to get my BUSD from Binance on the Ethereum Mainnet to the BNB Chain finally!! Worked great!! Purchased some BNB for gas through MetaMask with Transak, and successfully made my first Stake!! You guys were a big help… My first one is officially under my belt!!


Great!! Happy to hear that. And thanks for taking the time to let us know it worked :slight_smile:
Have a good one.


I’ve lost 2 accounts trying to do an internal swap on MM. They said there’s no way they can determine where it went. Probably on Ethernet, but any ideas how to recover?

Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,
Can you please provide more information about what happened so that we can better assist you. For example, can you explain more how you have lost your accounts? Do you mean you have lost your tokens? Then how? Who said that “there’s no way they can determine where it went” … ?

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I tried to swap RUNE and LUNA within MM acct, but the RUNE transfer went somewhere other than to my USD; the swap from LUNA to USDT failed, but tokens sent somewhere else. It was a guy in your Support team that said MM couldn’t locate where they went.

Based on what you have written, the swapped tokens were transferred out! If it is the case, there are transactions in your wallet that you did not approve. Then, it is likely that your wallet has been compromised. Have you contacted with the support team?
If you have not done already, please refer to the following post: Do you think your wallet has been hacked? - READ HERE

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Wallet not hacked. The swap was sent out before it had been cancelled - this is the fault of MM. Same for the other token (RUNE) - swap failed but MM had already sent it out.


From reading everything in this topic, it seems to me that your wallet has been indeed compromised. Please follow the link Maryam1 posted above and proceed with what it says in the respective topic, in order to contact our Support team.

Even if your wallet hasn’t been compromised as you say, it’s still best to contact MetaMask support and proceed with detailing your issue in a ticket.


In a normal case the swapped amount is returned to the wallet. Are you sure that the token with which you interacted was not a scam token? Altogether it is not a normal case. Please follow what has been suggested above.

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I have the trans ID number where the tokens went. What else is needed?

Hi @bpomeroy ,

Can you please reach out to MetaMask support with this as @Maryam1 shared? Provide them the tx id hash when you connect. Remember, support will never ask for your secret recovery phrase. This link shares with you how to connect with support -

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Don’t understand your msg. Who am I supposed to contact with this info?

Hi @bpomeroy ,

This is how you want to contact the MetaMask Live Help Desk.

  • Go to to:

  • Click the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble on the page

  • This will initially connect you to a bot, but as you answer questions you will get a ticket filed for help desk.

REMEMBER - Nobody, including support, will ever ask for you to provide your secret recovery phrase to them or to input on a site.

Thank you.