Transfer funds from Ronin Wallet to Metamask appears funds in another account showing on my Metamask next to account 1. Etherscan shows millions at this adress

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Hello very concerned,

I sent WETH from Axie Infinity and ronin wallet via Ronin bridge to my Metamask wallet. The Metamask screen had my Account and another to the right of it. I set the adress to the one I have used.

I looked on etherscan this morning and there is 0 balance of WETH in Ronin wallet and 0 balance of Eth in my Metamask wallet. When I checked the address in etherscan of the other account showing alongside mine there is around 3700 ether.

I have no idea how I have been hacked as the seed phrase is kept secure and the passwords are not dictionary words.

Is there anything I can do ? My rent is due in 5 days and this is stressful.

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