I tried to send 1 WETH to my ronin wallet via metamask and screwed up

Hi everyone,
please help me out, I am totally new to this and didn’t know that I have to send the WETH to my Ronin Wallet via Axie Infinity. I tried sending directly via Metamask, copied and pasted my Ronin address onto Metamask but it says invalid. I then tried removing the “ronin:” part and it is able to send. However after sending, I do not see the WETH in my Ronin wallet and that’s when I know I screwed up.
Is there any way to reverse the transaction or locate the Metamask user with the same address as my Ronin wallet (less the ronin:)? I’m kinda traumatized now…

Hi @tallboy89 import Ronin private key :point_down: into MetaMask wallet

Hi! May I know if for AXS, after I can see the AXS, how can I send the AXS back to my metamask wallet please? Thank you very much!!

Hi @Sharon27 sorry I don’t play this game… you probably have to use Ronin Bridge: https://bridge.roninchain.com/withdraw