Transfer UNI from MetaMast to Celcius... and lost


I have sent UNI to my Celcius account using Metamask (BSC Mainnet network). We can find the transaction here :

Unfortunately, the supported network is ERC20, my bad, but it’s done now.

Here: Binance-Peg Uniswap (UNI) Token Tracker | BscScan we can see it’s IN.

Can you please help me to revert this, thanks.

Best regards,


Hello, Basilic :wave: you must test transaction on small amount dollars :roll_eyes: no send 4600 $
because Celsius not support BEP20 transactions :eyes: must contact Celsius support: Submit a request – Celsius Network

We empathise with you.
Best regards, Luigi

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Thanks Luigi. I could contact Celicus and they will help me to recover this amount :slight_smile:

By, the way, by sending a tweet to Celcius, a fake Metamask support contact me and told me they could help… fortunately I did not follow their process, it was a scam.

Be careful Guys

Nice :smiley: :+1: I glad it turned out well.