Transfered USDT, BNB from Metamask to another account in Metamask but not able to find the assets

I initially tried to shift the assets from Smart Chain to Ethereum Mainnet, thinking I transferred between the accounts and selected account1. Still the assets I could find but didn’t move to Ethereum Mainnet.

Later thought of transfering the assets to exhannge BEP 20 link USDT & BNB but i believe those transactions also got transferred to account1. Now I am not able to find the assets anywhere.

add bep20 chain to your eth wallet ,you can find them there .

Please advise how do i add bep20 chain to my eth wallet

Is your eth wallet also using MM?

I was transferring USDT and BNB from Smart Chain wallet.

I initially had tried transeferring USDT between accounts and I selected account1 and completed the transaction.

But the USDT were still visible some how.

Then somewehre in the process it asked me to name the id so I named it in the transaction history that name is showing but I am not able to find that named account in my Metamask wallet anywhere

I didn’t understand your description at all.
Well, first of all, your MM has several accounts, represented by account 1, account 2…
Then explain which account you sent the bnb from to which account address.

If you are restricted from speaking because of newcomers, please revise your last message, I am still here.

I wanted to transfer USDT with BEP20 to an exchange so I copy pasted the address after clicking send from Smart Chain then clicked on send from USDT assets and pasted the link but the link which seems to have transferred is a different link not the one which i copied from exchange under bep20

Can we please connect on remote control

I find this new id which i cannot find anywhere, which i never copied from anywhere into my contacts

Find the bep20 recharge address of your exchange’s usdt and fill in the MM sending address.
I don’t have a general remote application.

You mean, you copy-pasted the exchange’s deposit address, but it was sent to a different address?

I am not able to understand that, could you please share with me a screenshot or something and guide me how to do this?

Open your exchange, spot, find usdt in it, choose Deposit. Then select the bep20 chain. Get address A.

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Send usdt from your MM to address A.


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